Sunday, 22 May 2011

TR-808 start/stop switch - pt.1

So, another TR-808 with a worn out start/stop switch. These original alps switches are almost impossible to find - Technology Transplant may have a few... then again they may not. Options... repair original or find a workable replacement :-) Repairing the original switch is tricky but possible and has been documented elsewhere on the web...
Ok, if you can't find a new one...
Roland used a lot of generic parts in all their late 70s early 80s gear and many switches, pots, sliders etc are common to many machines... but these 808 switches are a bastard for an exact replacement. Nearest are switches used in the MC-4 microcomposer, the 'cross' where the cap fits needs slight alteration but it's mechanically compatible otherwise - but using an MC-4 as a parts donor is a capital offence...

Donor CSQ?
ah, the CSQ-100/600 sequencers, made at the same time as the 808, right? same plastic ends, right? same Start/Stop switches, right? Wrong... but can they be made to work?
It just so happens I have a damaged CSQ-100 pcb here... lots of useful switches on it... be continued

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  1. Hi there, I've got the same problem (my Start/Stop and Tap are not in great shape ALPS - SKHEH), and I've got some CSQ-100 switches. Did you manage to have your TR-808 working with those?